Bamboo: a multi purpose plant

Bamboo is first and foremost known for its decorative use. In a garden or on a deck it is a welcome large plant. Meanwhile the uses as a building material are numerous. Moreover, bamboo is being put to use to replace many every-day items. It can serve many purposes. Dinnerware, textile, interior design, fencing, arts, musical instruments. We can go on forever. Apart form being useful, bamboo is elegant en super green. We love to let you in on the secrets bamboo has to reveal. Both as a sustainable material, and as a wonderful green garden plant. With over 15 years of experience we are convinced that bamboo makes life worth while. In your garden, in your home or as a artifact. Be amazed by the miracle plant: bamboo!

Personal advice is on the top of our list. One can use bamboo as a hedge or solitary, in a pot or full ground. It is important- however – to know what you are doing. Here at RANDIJK we know which kind spreads easily and which is clumping. We can inform you on all the specs. How to plant it, and how to keep it looking nice. Thus creating a place to enjoy your bamboo to the fullest.

eigenaren van Randijk Bamboe
Erwin Kooijman en Kyra Gunneweg.

Should you want to build or craft with bamboo, we can give you some first hand do’s and dont’s. We write and talk a lot about bamboo. Most of the information on this website is in Dutch, but we are only one e-mail or phone call away. Just ask. We are here to help! During opening hours, you are welcome to visit our bamboo demo garden in the middle of the Netherlands. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Erwin Kooijman and Kyra Gunneweg